The Perfect Patient Journey With Our Bath Dental Clinic

At Widcombe Dental Practice, we work tirelessly to make our patients’ experiences the best they can possibly be. Our committed team do all they can to provide patients with a welcoming Bath dental clinic and an experience that is as comprehensive as the treatments we carry out. 

We thought it important, for those who are yet to visit us at our Bath dental clinic, to outline the steps our established team take to make your time at our practice enjoyable. Whether you visit our practice for general treatments such as checkups, cosmetic dentistry or to get your Invisalign treatment underway, we are here to provide the perfect patient journey.

Patient Comfort & Dentist-Patient Relationship 

We value all of our lovely patients, which is why we go above and beyond to get to know each and every person that comes into our Bath dental clinic. As well as getting to know the ins and outs of your dental history, providing our expertise wherever possible to ensure your oral wellbeing, we make it our duty to get to know the person in the chair! As a family-run Bath dentists that has been serving Somerset for generations, we love to exchange stories and enjoy hearing what our interesting during their appointments.

Creating A Serene Environment In Our Bath Dental Clinic

patient at our bath dental clinic

Making a trip to your dentist; we understand that it can be a daunting, and often unwanted, appointment to make. However, we continue to do all we can, in terms of making our practice a vibrant, accommodating and warm place, to ensure that once you are nice and relaxed. If you have booked an appointment for your children to see us at our Bath dental surgery, or you bring them to your own appointment, we have games and reading material to keep them occupied whilst our leading dentists see to you. Want to familiarise yourself with our team right now? Head to our meet the team page to learn all about us!

Understanding that it is the Patient’s Journey

From all our years in the industry, we know how important it is to understand the patient journey from the perspective of our practice visitors. That’s why we are always considering what our patients want, appreciate and may change about our Bath dental clinic. Building a rapport and sense of community is very important for our Bath dentists and the whole Widcombe Dental Practice team.

In addition, we won’t use industry-specific jargon and language that our patients aren’t likely to understand. We simply communicate with you to understand your objectives – whether it may be to improve the appearance of your teeth or to reinstate a full set, for example – and clarify the necessary steps that need to be made to get there.

The Five Steps to Ensuring a Thorough Plan of Action

There are five things that we do with all patients, to determine the best course of action and provide you with the most appropriate treatment or dental plan:

  • Assess your dental history, teeth & gums, general oral health and account for any medical issues.
  • Take any necessary x-rays.
  • Discuss any concerns you may have or answers any questions about the first two steps.
  • Talk about future visits to our Bath dental surgery.
  • If treatment is needed, outline the options and devise a written treatment plan if required.

Visit our Bath Dental Clinic for the Perfect Patient Journey

outside of widcombe dental practice

We always welcome feedback from our long term and new patients so, please contact us if you would like to share your experience(s) at our Bath dental clinic and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the patient journey. Our team looks forward to seeing you at Widcombe Dental Practice soon. Browse our range of treatments via our website and book an appointment online!

baby first dentist visit

When Should Your Baby First See Our Bath Dentists?

Data regarding children and their first trip to the dentist has been analysed by a group of scholars, leading us to pose the question, when should you bring your baby to see our Bath dentists for the first time? 

First time parents may be unaware of the right time to introduce their baby to the serene surroundings of our Widcombe dental practice, but studies suggest the vast majority of infants aren’t visiting a dental professional soon enough. Our family run dentists in Bath welcome children of all ages to our clinic as we understand that your child’s oral health is key to sustaining future wellbeing. 

During early general treatments and routine check ups, we can detect existing issues and devise a solution before the problem worsens and becomes more difficult to treat. 

The Issue with Child Attendance

The University of Birmingham has coincided with The University of Edinburgh and Public Health England to analyse a study on when babies first visit their dentist. The results suggest an inherent problem with attendance figures for babies aged one and two, with parents failing to meet recommended guidelines for routine checkups. 

The three parties have recently presented the findings and researchers involved in the process have expressed their shock at the extent of their findings. The data was taken from the 2016/17 NHS Dental Statistics Report for England

Oral Health and Reducing Anxiety

baby oral health

Dr John Morris, who is a senior lecturer in dental public health at the University of Birmingham, contributed to the analysis of the report and has stressed the significance of early trips to a dentist. 

Talking of the impact of missing early check ups can have on the future of a child’s oral health and anxiety levels with regard to visiting the dentist, he said, as reported by Dental Nursing: “There is a broad consensus that children should have a dental examination from a dentist as soon as the first teeth erupt, and no later than the child’s first birthday. 

“Early dental visits not only provide parents with information they require to prevent early childhood oral health issues, but it is also believed that such dental visits familiarise children with the dental environment and reduce future dental anxiety.”

Vital Early Appointments Being Missed

Data taken from the report states that just 3% of babies under the age of one visited a dentist while only 12% of babies had visited a dentist by the time they reached the age of two. Even if we can’t carry out a complete observation of your babies mouth during an appointment at our Bath dental practice, we’ll be able to provide valuable advice on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout fundamental points in his or her oral development. 

No Link to Economics

The results show that babies in the first few years of their lives are not missing out on dental attention through economic circumstances, as stats reveal that those living in a number of less deprived areas visited dentists more than those in more affluent regions. For example, only 1% of babies under the age of one in West Berkshire, which is known to be one of the most affluent regions in England, attended a dentists. In comparison, 12.3% of babies under the age of one and living in South Tyneside attended a dentists over the same period.

Friendly, Experienced Somerset Dentists 

Ensure the early development of your babies oral health by visiting our clinic. Contact us of experienced industry leaders to arrange an appointment for your baby today. Book an appointment online today or contact us directly to speak to a member of our dedicated team. Our dental experts look forward to welcoming you and your baby to Widcombe Dental Practice very soon. 

signs to book a dental appointment in Bath

10 Signs It’s Time To See Our Bath Dentist

Visiting our Bath dentists for regular check-ups is the key to impeccable and sustained oral health. Routine visits to see our established dental professionals at Widcombe Dental Practice afford patients the knowledge that their oral health is in good order, and any issues detected can be addressed in a timely manner with our general treatments..

While it may be relatively common for people to procrastinate and avoid a trip to the dentist, warning signs arise for a reason and evading the issue will more than likely lead to further relinquishment of your oral wellbeing. Electric Teeth report that: “Over 2 million UK adults haven’t been to the dentist in over 10 years” and that “1 in 5 Brits admit to being afraid or anxious about visiting the dentist.”

Here, our Bath dental experts outline 10 signifiers that it’s time to visit your local dentist:


Chronic Bad Breath

Bad breath, or halitosis to give it its medical label, can be caused by a lack of brushing or a bad habits when brushing. It indicates a buildup of plaque and bacteria and may be the first indicator of an infection or other dental problems, which are only identifiable by a dental professional. Organise a general treatments appointment with our leading Bath dental clinic today if you suffer from consistently bad breath.


Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity

If your teeth are sensitive to either hot or cold food and drink, or even foods with a high sugar content, you should seek the judgement of your dentist. Sensitivity could be caused by a cavity, root exposure or gum recession, however it may also define the early stages of something much more serious.


Shorter Teeth Than Normal

You may notice your teeth look smaller in appearance as a result of excessive grinding. The grinding of teeth leads to the break down of enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable to cavities as well as exposed nerves. Gum swelling and overgrowth can also make your teeth appear smaller, although we can solve this swiftly by removing the excess gum tissue.


Bleeding Gums

If your gums bleed during flossing or brushing you may have gum disease and could be on your way to tooth loss. Bleeding gums can be caused as a result of hard brushing but could also be a sign of gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease. You should consult your dentist if your teeth bleed during cleaning rituals – after all, you wouldn’t ignore blood coming from any other body part on a regular basis. If gum disease has led to tooth loss already, talk to us about a solution, such as having dental implants in Bath.  


Jaw Pain (TMJ)

As we outlined in a previous article, TMJ & Jaw Pain: How your Dentist in Bath can help, jaw pain can be brought on by a number of things, but it is essential to decipher what is causing the discomfort. A leading cause of jaw pain is impacted wisdom teeth, yet at Widcombe Dental Practice we also treat a lot of patients suffering from TMJ (Temporomandibular Disorder).

TMJ affects the muscles in the base of the skull and lower jaw. Visit us for a dental x-ray and consequent evaluation if you experience any sort of jaw pain, including:

  • Clicking or popping when you move your mouth
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • Earache or buzzing noise


Discoloured Teeth

A discoloured tooth ordinarily suggests that it has been injured physically or damaged by dietary habits and a lack of general oral cleanliness over time. It is significant to notice a tooth that is getting darker, as delaying the issue with the help of your dentist could lead to an extraction or root canal treatment.


Frequent Headaches

Headaches caused by tooth pain

If you gnash or grind your teeth at night – otherwise known as bruxing – you may be asserting so much pressure on your jaw muscles, in particular the masseter and temporalis muscles, that severe headaches are brought on. If you notice a correlation between regular headaches and teeth grinding, book an appointment to organise a solution to the issue with our dentists in Bath. The most common solution to this issue is a custom fitted mouth guard.


Head, Neck and Lymph Node Checks

As well as assessing your tongue, mouth and gums and checking for oral cancer, your dentist will also check your neck, jaw and lymph nodes (located just under your jawline) for any swelling or other abnormalities. Swollen lymph nodes generally don’t cause pain or seem a problem, making this side of a routine check-up all the more significant.


A Bump or Rough Surface in Your Cheek, Mouth or Tongue

Checking mouth for signs of disease

If you detect a bump, cut or rough surface in your mouth, it is important to get it checked by your dentist as it could be a sign of HPV (Human Papillomavirus) or oral cancer. You do not have to be a smoker or experience pain to have a pressing problem, therefore if you notice any of the above, you should arrange a meeting with your dentist immediately.


You Haven’t Been to Your Bath Dentist in a While

Sure, this sounds like common sense, however as we know a trip to your dentist probably isn’t at the top of many people’s things to do throughout the week. However it is important to come and see your Bath dentist at regular intervals as, even if you can’t feel or see anything amiss with your oral well-being, we’re able to detect current or developing issues and treat them before they turn into something more pressing.


Visit Our Leading Bath Dentists

At Widcombe Dental Practice, we utilise our industry experience and professionalism to provide each patient with a thorough examination of their oral well-being. We have four comprehensive dental plans to choose from, each of which have a list of additional benefits attached. Contact our friendly team on 01225 317 681 to arrange a routine check-up, or to speak to us about any dental issues you may be having.

Invisalign Treatment

The Appeal of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

We’ve been delivering effective Invisalign treatment in Bath for many years and demand for the treatment continues to rise, but exactly what are the outstanding differences from traditional braces? Invisalign treatment is a relatively new treatment in our industry, having first been introduced in 2000, whereas, traditional braces have been about for a number of decades now.

Both options hold the same objective – to align and straighten teeth – but more and more people are opting for Invisalign braces over wire braces.

How Do Invisalign Aligners Work?

With traditional braces, alignment of the teeth is a consequence of metal wire and brackets being attached. These have to be worn for an extended period of time while some will need to wear them for several years to see a set of fully aligned, straight teeth.

Invisalign aligners are full trays that are completely transparent and similar to gum shields in appearance. Made from an advanced BPA-free (bisphenol A) plastic, Invisalign plans the exact stages that your teeth will go through on their journey to fully straight alignment through computer modelling. A succession of specially formed trays is made for each of the stages.

Invisalign Appearance

An obvious benefit of Invisalign is that it’s near enough impossible to tell that someone is wearing a brace as subtle, clear or tooth-coloured braces are applied. Traditional braces, however, are much more conspicuous.

Are Invisalign Braces Hygienic and Easy to Maintain?

Trays are very low maintenance and once created, you do not need to go back to your dentist. With braces, you’ll need to go to an orthodontist for check-ups and tightening. Trays are removed for eating, meaning hygiene and cleanliness are extremely easy to monitor, while traditional braces can cause discolouration of the teeth and in some cases breakages. It is important to take note of The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Invisalign Aligners to avoid replacement costs. 

Are Invisalign Braces Comfortable?

Naturally, traditional braces are going to cause discomfort due to wires rubbing a getting caught in your gums. Certain areas of the mouth will become sore throughout the process of your teeth re-aligning. You may experience slight discomfort with Invisalign, however not on the scale that you could with wire braces.

Generally, having Invisalign braces are less likely to hinder you in performing your daily routine. Eating hard or sticky foods and participating in contact sports, for example, may pose difficulties with traditional braces.  

Book Invisalign Treatment With Widcombe

Invisalign braces or trays have one glaringly exceptional advantage over wire braces: their ability to go undetected day-to-day. However, as outlined above, choosing Invisalign treatment over traditional braces will not only benefit you appearance-wise during the alignment process, but also in terms of comfort and practicality.

Come in and see a highly-skilled Invisalign dentist today, or visit our dedicated cosmetic dentistry page to learn of other treatments we offer to improve the appearance of your teeth! Our Bath dental clinic offers specialist Invisalign treatment, get in touch to book a consultation.


Feature image credit: Steve Alper

man receiving facial treatment

Hydrafacial Treatments: “An Ultimate Guide to Anti-Ageing”

Here at Widcombe Dental Practice, we are extremely proud to be serving new and existing dental patients from around Bath and Widcombe’s local community with outstanding cosmetic dentistry procedures. Over the past couple of years, our Bath hydrafacial treatments have become highly-recommended by our returning patients at our highly-recommended practice.

These amazing results have led to the award-winning skin treatment making national headlines in recent weeks and we are sure that the success of our treatment is going to continue to grow.

Leaves Skin Wonderfully Clean and Plumped

In the ‘Ultimate Guide to Anti-Ageing Treatments’, conducted by the Mail Online, Hydrafacial treatment came out as one of the top anti-ageing and affordable cosmetic procedures. As Alice Hart-Davis reported: “[Hydrafacial is] a six-stage process that is done with a Hydrafacial device – a high tech gadget that looks like a pen but dispenses serums and sucks out debris from the skin.

“Using different treatment heads, the device gives the skin a lymph drainage massage; performs microdermabrasion to remove dead and polluted skin cells; and then applies glycolic acid (an exfoliating acid derives from sugar cane), which softens blockages in the pores.”

Cleansing Skin Treatment

This unique and widely acclaimed skincare technique is a non-invasive procedure but leaves the skin supple and glowing whilst smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. It’s no surprise that celebrity fans such as Beyonce and Kate Winslet have gone back to the treatment time and time again to achieve a flawless complexion.

Complexion-boosting Vitamins

After each stage of the treatment is complete and “everything is vacuumed out [of the skin], leaving the skin much smoother”, your expert cosmetic therapist will apply a dose of complexion-boosting vitamins, peptides and moisturising hyaluronic acid. This will essentially smooth out wrinkles and keep the skin looking fuller for longer. Last but not least, the final step is to place a red light panel above the skin which will calm and stimulate the collagen formation.

man receiving facial treatment

Only One Step Away from Beautiful Skin

Our expert team at Widcombe Dental Practice in Bath want to help you achieve glowing, healthy skin all year round. So why not book an appointment in our comfortable practice where our professional cosmetic therapists will guide you through the Hydrafacial process and what is involved. We believe that all of our patients should feel at ease during their appointment and leave feeling refreshed and confident and that’s why so many come back to us time and time again.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Bath dental practice, soon!

Dentist for children

Dental Phobias causing millions of children to miss Appointments

According to the Dental Law Partnership, “millions of children are missing out on free NHS dental care due to dental anxiety” and believes “dental phobia could be the main reason behind the low attendance” of dental appointments.

In line with 2018 NHS data which shows 58.2% of children (6.9 million) in England visited their dentist in the past year, attendance rates are at an all-time low for children across the country. Speaking to, Chris Dean, manager director of Dental Law Partnership, says: “The potential number of people, especially children, not getting regular check-ups, at the very least, is something we find very worrying.

“This is the way dental issues are picked up before they become much worse. We understand many people worry when it comes to visiting their dentist and parents can even pass their own anxieties on to their children. However, we want to encourage people of all ages to make oral health a priority.”

Decreasing Dental Attendance Rates

The dental attendance rates varied across the country between October 2017 and September 2018, with different regions performing worse than others. Greater Manchester had the highest attendance rate for those aged between 0-17 years-old at 64.3%. Sitting at the other end of the table was London, where only 49.9% of its young population visited an NHS dentist in the same timeframe.

Family-Run Private Dentist in Bath for a relaxed Dental Visit

Here at Widcombe Dental Practice in Bath, we know that some people are more hesitant than others to book their routine dental check-ups. We want to give every one of our patients the best dental care possible, and that includes children with anxieties about the dentist. Dr Paul Vivian and his team know exactly how to make your dental appointment as relaxed and manageable as possible. Why not meet the team and get to know us before your booking?



We have a number of younger people visiting us for their annual oral check-ups and our general Bath dentist treatments, and each and every one of them come out smiling. We don’t want our local community to miss out on expert and affordable dental appointments in Bath, so make sure you book yours today! Call us on 01225 317 681 or make an enquiry through our contact page.

hydrafacial bath

Sparkle with our expert Hydrafacial treatments this Christmas

Christmas is our favourite time of year here at Widcombe Dental Practice. With our patients coming in for last-minute teeth whitening treatments to dazzle at their Christmas parties, it’s also the perfect time to rejuvenate the skin! Our incredibly sophisticated Bath Hydrafacial treatments are the optimum in facial aesthetic procedures and leave your skin healthy and hydrated throughout the seasonal festivities.

Come with us to explore the fantastic advantages of choosing a Hydrafacial treatment, for a long-lasting glow this Christmas!

Specialist Facial Cosmetics in Bath

hydrafacial treatment for men


As our highly experienced team say: “This facial is the most advanced in non-laser skin resurfacing. In other words, the Hydrafacial procedure uses hydration, deep cleansing, exfoliation and antioxidant protection. As a result, you will gain clear, beautiful skin with practically zero discomfort when you visit your Bath facial aesthetics clinic.”

We highly recommend our Bath Hydrafacial treatments to anyone who suffers from acne or ongoing skin problems. The patented unique Vortex-Fusion system actively provides a cleansing and refreshing procedure which can only be administered by professionals like ourselves. The treatment is specially designed to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Help rejuvenate skin texture and advanced signs of ageing
  • Promote skin elasticity, skin tone, evenness and vibrancy.

For more information about the procedure, what equipment our talented facial cosmetic therapists use and how it works, take a look at the video below.


What’s more, you can enjoy the Hydrafacial treatment as many times as you like, so your skin appears youthful day after day without any harmful side-effects. Here at Widcombe Dental Practice, we offer annual Hydrafacial packages and pay-as-you-go treatments to ensure you achieve the best facial aesthetics possible.

If you are new to Hydrafacial treatments, you will certainly question why you haven’t had one before! Our experienced and friendly therapists will make sure you are fully briefed on what the treatment entails and any other information you should need to know. The non-invasive procedure will be sure to bring you confidence wherever you go.


Professional Skin Care in Somerset

Our team wants every patient to feel spectacular during the festive period. If you are a regular dental patient and are intrigued to learn more or even book your Hydracial appointment with us, then contact us on our usual Widcombe practice number. Alternatively, contact us through our website and one of our staff members will get back to you shortly. We look forward to welcoming you to your Christmas Hydrafacial appointment soon!


Invisalign Treatment in Bath: How Can it Help My Smile?

Widcombe Dental Practice is one of the leading Invisalign dentists in Bath. Our team pride themselves on giving our patients the best results when it comes to dental treatment services and equally as proud of their dedicated Invisalign treatment which has helped many new and existing customers achieve their perfect smile. Come with us and see how your Invisalign dentist in Bath can help to improve your smile now, and in the future

Dental Treatment to Boost your Confidence

veneers in bath widcombe


“I give many thanks to the Widcombe Dental Practice for giving me the confidence to trust Invisalign which gave me the smile I’ve always wanted.”

We understand that some individuals struggle with anxieties when attending their dental appointments, but we want our patients to feel completely at ease when they attend their Invisalign consultation with us. We want to make sure the start of your journey is relaxed, informed and most importantly, successful. Our Invisalign procedures have helped many new and existing patients achieve their perfect smile in a matter of months and have told us they wished they had done it sooner!

When you come to Widcombe Dental Practice for your first consultation, you will meet Dr Paul Vivian who will go through the whole procedure with you; what you can expect through the course of treatment, how the braces work and most importantly, the final result. Using our free innovative Invisalign Smile Evaluation Software (worth over £300) our dental staff will be able to scan your teeth at their current position and give you a final image as to what your teeth would look like after successful Invisalign treatment.


From Minor to Major Invisalign Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening

Regardless of the severity of your teeth alignment, the dental team at Widcombe Dental will make sure your smile is just as brilliant as your personality. From small movements to complex realignment, there is nothing that we can’t help with here at our Bath dental clinic and we wish for all of our patients to leave us with a positive and confident smile.

The Invisalign teeth straightening procedure realigns the teeth over the course of several months. It consists of removable, invisible braces that are changed every two weeks to ensure maximum results and customer satisfaction. Discover a list of Celebrities that Have Used Invisalign Treatment in a previous blog post of ours. 


Widcombe Dental for your Invisalign Treatment

Widcombe Dental Practice is a proud member of the MiSmile network and offers professional and qualified Invisalign treatments within the beautiful city of Bath, Somerset. If you would like to discuss our dental services and our unique dental plans further, please contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to give you further advice, as well as booking your consultation with our Invisalign dentists at a date and time which is convenient for you.


TMJ & Jaw Pain: How your Dentist in Bath can Help

TMJ, or temporomandibular disorder (TMD), is caused by the grinding of teeth, as well as anxiety and stress. When individuals go through these common physical states, they subconsciously clench their jaw which can lead to the jaw pain associated with the disorder. Luckily, there are TMJ treatments available from your Dentist in Bath if you suffer from the often very painful condition.

The disorder can also be passed on through genetics, the onset of arthritis or a previous or current jaw injury. The most common side effects are headaches and migraines.

Last year, researchers at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil found that individuals who suffer from chronic migraines could be suffering with TMJ. Speaking to the, Lidiane Florencio, a researcher from the university said: “Our study shows that patients with a chronic migraine, meaning attacks occurring more than 15 days per month, are three times as likely to report more severe symptoms of TMD(J) than patients with an episodic migraine.”

What is the TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull, with one on each side of the jaw. Some of the symptoms include:
Clicking, popping or grating noises when you chew or move your mouth.
Muscle pain around the jaw.
Pain in front of the ear that will most likely spread to the cheek, ear, and jaw.
Difficulty opening your mouth.
In most cases, individuals will experience temporary TMJ and don’t need to take immediate action. However, for those who suffer greatly and need a further examination, there are treatment plans in place to make sure the pain is taken care of.
Luckily, Widcombe Dental Practice and our professional dental staff are on hand to provide effective TMJ treatments for our patients.

How can your Bath Dentist help?

Dental Hygienists

Our staff are experts in their field and will always make sure you get the most out of your TMJ treatment plan. During your consultation with our specialist dentist, they will explain the treatment and what the process involves.

The BTX treatment we offer here at Widcombe Dental will strengthen the muscles to alleviate the pressure built up from the tightening of the joint. This will provide near-immediate relief, leaving you with a more relaxed jaw and free from pain.

Book your TMJ treatment with us

As your expert and friendly Bath Dental Practice, your oral health is our priority and we will always go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. If you are suffering from TMJ pain and need a second opinion, contact our team today who will be on hand to book your appointment for you. Alternatively, you can book online. We look forward to seeing you soon.

A guide to dental flossing for a perfect smile

Infographic: A Guide to Dental Flossing for a Perfect Smile

Dental flossing is an important part of your overall daily teeth cleaning routine and will lead to optimum oral health overtime. If you have visited your dental hygienist in Bath recently, they would have made the most out of your dental hygiene appointment and recommended the best and most effective way to ensure you are flossing correctly at home.

So, here at Widcombe Dental practice, we now want to advise everyone on how to achieve the perfect smile with a safe and simple technique which won’t damage your gums in the process. Check out our infographic below for more information and start looking forward to clean and healthy teeth, everyday!


Dental Flossing Technique

Your Bath Dental Clinic

Widcombe Dental Practice specialises in a range of dental treatments in Bath, including Invisalign braces, dental implants and teeth whitening. Contact our friendly team or book online to make your award winning appointment, today!