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National Smile Month – Why Smiles Are Great!

A lot of things happen in the month of June. Some evident, like the beginning of Summer. And of course, there are things that don’t always happen, like this years The World Cup. And there are happenings that you may not be aware of, like the fact it’s National Smile Health. As the dental practice in Bath, we’re astutely aware of the month. In fact, it makes June our favourite of the year!

National Smile Month is ran up by the Oral Health Foundation. There are multiple purposes, the most transparent and perhaps the most forefront, is simply to encourage good oral health. A cause we can get behind. One less apparent cause, but one that is just as important to the month is their desire to tackle inequalities in oral health. A year-wide goal of the Oral Health Foundation, however National Smile Month is intended to bring extra light to it.

Obviously, as dentists, we’re avid supporters of the month, the foundation, and healthy smiles! And as its National Smile Month, below we explore all the ways in which a good, healthy smile can benefit you and the people around you.

Here’s Why A Smile Could Benefit You


First Of All, Smiling is Contagious

Smiling can help those in bad moods change their attitude. When you smile, people feel compelled to also do so, which in turn releases endorphins. It’s fact, if you smile more the people around you and you yourself will be happier.

Smiling Implies Happiness, Universally

No matter where you are in the world, if you smile people will generally presume you’re happy. It’s universal, undeniably. So, once again, we suggest smiling all you can!

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It Can Help Your Immune System

When you smile, your body relaxes. When your body is relaxed, your immune system performs better. This may even make those reluctant start smiling, no?

Perhaps The Best Reason, It Makes You More Attractive

Say you have a partner, if you smile more, they’ll find you even more attractive than they already do! And if you’re single, well then this is a no-brainer, surely? It could accelerate your path to your new partner!

National Smile Month

Widcombe Dental Practice Loves National Smile Month

These facts are fun and all the more reason to come and get your smile checked up. The key message of National Smile Month isn’t just to stress the importance of good oral hygiene, it’s to spread happiness, too! Hopefully you are now too aware of the fact that smiling simply spreads joy. If you don’t do it enough, then do. If you don’t take care of your teeth, then do!

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