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Teeth Whitening: Growing Number of Pirate Providers

Traditionally, us Brits are known for having notoriously bad teeth. The stereotype is obviously an archaic one, we’ve kept our teeth in good nick for years now! You could say we’re even a little bit obsessed with our teeth: we want them clean, we want them straight, and most importantly, we want them white. It has been reported that one in six British residents say they have had their teeth whitened before. We’re very aware of this as we provide a brilliant teeth whitening service and have made hundreds of Bath residents happier with their smile.

Recently, astutely aware of this growing demand, there have been reports of pirate providers. As ever with human nature, when an industry starts making money people will try to piggyback off it and make a quick buck. Teeth whitening is no different.

Exposed by the BBC

A few weeks ago the BBC exposed a handful of beauticians offering a teeth whitening service. Right off the bat, it’s illegal, as only licensed dental professionals are legally allowed to perform teeth whitening services. And it doesn’t stop there. By law, the max amount of hydrogen peroxide you’re allowed to use when enacting these procedures is 6%. Some have been using up to 25%. This can cause tooth loss, burns, and blisters. We don’t want that for you and we’d be strongly surprised if you wanted that for yourself.

Some of these beauticians offering the service have only had a day’s training in the procedure. Which is worrying, to say the least. How can you avoid these horrendous sounding happenings? Very simple, really; come to us. At Widcombe Dental Practice, a Bath dentist, you’ll receive a

Professional Service

Fears of tooth loss, burns, and blisters are the last thing you want when getting your teeth whitened; one shouldn’t ever have to fear such dreadful things. With us, this simply won’t be a worry. You can anticipate your teeth whitening totally devoid of stress. Come the procedure? You’ll feel at ease in the hands of our professionally trained team.

Great Results

We’ve never had an unhappy client when it comes to our teeth whitening service. We know exactly how to achieve either optimum or the exact results you want. As you can make teeth too white – just look at this specific Premiership football player. You don’t want that. You want a certain subtlety to your excellence.

Someone Who You Can Return To

Very often when we begin treating customers, they return to us. A lot. They sometimes get one of our other treatments too, like Invisalign treatment for example. Some come in for cosmetic care and then begin using us for dental treatment and vice versa. With Widcombe Dental Practice, you have somewhere you can trust and who you know is going to do a proper job.

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Watch Out For The Teeth Whitening Pirates!

We want you all to receive the dental and cosmetic treatments you deserve, not to be left in pain and at a loss! To make sure that doesn’t happen, book with us. It’s so easy! You can either contact us via our online booking system or give us a call. Either way works for us!

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