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Bath Teeth Whitening This Christmas

During Christmas – a time of merriment, joy, and splendour – we all like to look our best. Most do this by buying new clothes, getting haircuts, and smiling at all times. As of course, we must look as joyous and merry as physically possible. So one must smile, there is no option.

Our team want all of  the people in Bath and the surrounding areas to look as good as possible this Christmas. One way to do that? Getting professional teeth whitening with Widcombe Dental Practice. You don’t want that perpetual smile to make people look away do you? You want them to stare.

Whilst many of you are thinking, ‘I’ve never had my teeth whitened, and I’m certainly not going to start now.’ That’s fair enough. We respect your decision. Our argument, however, is that you might not know what you’re missing out on.

Today,  we’re going to take you on a journey; we’re going to talk you through a potential 23rd December, with and without teeth whitened:

INT. Your Home. 8AM. Storyline #1 (unwhitened)

You wake up, brush your eyes. That was was a sore sleep; you weren’t feeling too good about yourself last night – ugly and hopeless, in your eyes anyway – so you had a few glasses of wine. It’s not even Friday, oh well: It’s Christmas. Regret it now, though. Couldn’t get a wink.

I can’t look that bad. You walk into your bathroom upon the faux premise of getting showered. It’s Christmas, usually you’d lounge till around 11AM. But today – today you had to get in that bathroom straight away. Why? You had to look at yourself. No kidding, last night you really didn’t feel too good about yourself. You walk into the bathroom. Last night was terrible. You look at the mirror, you smile. Last night was terrible.

INT. Your Home. 8AM. Storyline #2 (whitened)

It’s one of those mornings when sleep blends into awake in seamless fashion. Yeah, up until 5PM, yesterday wasn’t a good one. But you got home, you tried on your new Christmas dress, you dashed a smile at the mirror. Wow. You impressed yourself. You’re not usually the vain type, but this moment, to smile, and to — to, well, feel good. That was really something.

You thought ‘I like my smile. I better look good on all fronts. I’m going to the gym.’. So you did. An uneventful evening. But, now, the morning’s come. And it’s come gallantly. Oh how so kind of your morning, to greet me so softly. You go to the bathroom. Dash another one of those gems you cracked out last night… Wow. Bath Teeth Whitening

INT. Sister’s House. 2PM. Storyline #1 (unwhitened)

Today’s going ok. This morning was a slow one, not much to celebrate. But the festive tunes on the radio got you going. I love Radio 1 this time of year. Nick gets me. He really does. Oh, Nick.

Karen is so cheerful this time of year. Her little ones will be buzzing too. It should be nice. Yeah… should be nice.

Well, that wasn’t nice. Karen must be stressed. We just weren’t on the same wavelength today. But to be honest, I haven’t been myself today. Last night, this morning; I’ve just been feeling rubbish. I think she noticed that.

Shake it off.

I’ve got tonight.

INT. Sister’s House. 2PM. Storyline #2 (whitened)

Time for that grind! Haha. Grind? What am I talking about? It’s Christmas. Who grinds this close to Christmas? Santa, his reindeers, customer assistants…

Wonder how Karen’s doing today. Her little ones must be so excited! I’m just feeling so festive! Wonder what we’ll get up to?

Well. What a 2 hours. I’ve certainly earned a drink. Usually those whippersnappers get the best of me, but today, today I feel great. I feel ready – ready for anything.

INT. Home – Getting Ready For Work Party. 8PM. Storyline #1 (unwhitened)

You dash a smile. Ergh. Tonight’s going to drag.

INT. Home – Getting Ready For Work Party. 8PM. Storyline #2 (whitened)

You dash a smile. Tonight is going to be great.

Bath Teeth Whitening

Bath Teeth Whitening – Widcombe Dental Practice

Having the smile you want is much more than simply wanting to look good in photos. It isn’t vanity. The value of looking at yourself in the mirror and liking what you see has seminal effects. If you feel guilty or think people will judge if you say you get your teeth whitened – don’t. See it the same as yoga or a massage. It exists to make you feel more comfortable in your body.

Widcombe Dental Practice is based in Bath. We have a team expertly trained to deliver a multitude of services, one being Bath teeth whitening. If you’d like to book a session in fill out our online contact form or give us a call on 01225 317 681.

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