Hydrafacial Red Carpet Event

If you’re not happy with your skin, you’ve no doubt spent countless hours asking yourself one question: how can I improve this unrelenting annoyance? Over the years, you’ve most probably been presented different answers; each one pursued with hope, each one not yielding the result you so desired. Obviously, the good skin question is a hard one to answer, but we think we may be able to help. Our remedy to such an issue? Hydrafacial.

Hydrafacial has taken over old skin therapies in popularity in recent years due to its intrinsic sensitive nature. Old methods that are increasingly going out of fashion used abrasive particles, Hydrafacial rather uses a skin-friendly serum, followed by glycolic and salicylic acids, obliterating all dead skin cells. Before this revelation, we struggled with skin; it never quite looked the way we want. That’s an issue of the past now.

Our Hydrafacial Red Carpet Event (May 25th-26th)

Whilst she’s a face you most probably know if you’ve visited before, we have a new member of our Hydrafacial team. Our receptionist, Natasha, has completed her training and is now joining the team. She may be the one who helps you on your journey towards good skin!

To celebrate the wonderful news of the new addition to our Hydrafacial team, we’re having a red carpet event! In Hollywood, as you undoubtedly know, red carpet events are used to premiere films, TV shows, businesses, and a whole plethora of other things. We want to give you and our dedicated member of staff that very same treatment, so we are.


What Does the Red Carpet Event Entail?

Some really impressive savings! During our event, treatments are £35 for 30 minutes those days which is a considerable reduction and a package bought on those days is £600 for 6 months (£200 deposit on the day and then £66.67 per month for 6 months). We know, usually, red carpet events have you spending all your money and ours have you saving money! That’s just the way we operate.

Widcombe Dental Practice

Does the event sound like something you’re interested in? Give us a call to get yourself booked in. Hydrafacial is bound to change the way many people in Bath view their skin, so we’re very excited!

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening: Growing Number of Pirate Providers

Traditionally, us Brits are known for having notoriously bad teeth. The stereotype is obviously an archaic one, we’ve kept our teeth in good nick for years now! You could say we’re even a little bit obsessed with our teeth: we want them clean, we want them straight, and most importantly, we want them white. It has been reported that one in six British residents say they have had their teeth whitened before. We’re very aware of this as we provide a brilliant teeth whitening service and have made hundreds of Bath residents happier with their smile.

Recently, astutely aware of this growing demand, there have been reports of pirate providers. As ever with human nature, when an industry starts making money people will try to piggyback off it and make a quick buck. Teeth whitening is no different.

Exposed by the BBC

A few weeks ago the BBC exposed a handful of beauticians offering a teeth whitening service. Right off the bat, it’s illegal, as only licensed dental professionals are legally allowed to perform teeth whitening services. And it doesn’t stop there. By law, the max amount of hydrogen peroxide you’re allowed to use when enacting these procedures is 6%. Some have been using up to 25%. This can cause tooth loss, burns, and blisters. We don’t want that for you and we’d be strongly surprised if you wanted that for yourself.

Some of these beauticians offering the service have only had a day’s training in the procedure. Which is worrying, to say the least. How can you avoid these horrendous sounding happenings? Very simple, really; come to us. At Widcombe Dental Practice, a Bath dentist, you’ll receive a

Professional Service

Fears of tooth loss, burns, and blisters are the last thing you want when getting your teeth whitened; one shouldn’t ever have to fear such dreadful things. With us, this simply won’t be a worry. You can anticipate your teeth whitening totally devoid of stress. Come the procedure? You’ll feel at ease in the hands of our professionally trained team.

Great Results

We’ve never had an unhappy client when it comes to our teeth whitening service. We know exactly how to achieve either optimum or the exact results you want. As you can make teeth too white – just look at this specific Premiership football player. You don’t want that. You want a certain subtlety to your excellence.

Someone Who You Can Return To

Very often when we begin treating customers, they return to us. A lot. They sometimes get one of our other treatments too, like Invisalign for example. Some come in for cosmetic care and then begin using us for dental treatment and vice versa. With Widcombe Dental Practice, you have somewhere you can trust and who you know is going to do a proper job.

widcombe dental team, teeth whitening

Watch Out For The Teeth Whitening Pirates!

We want you all to receive the dental and cosmetic treatments you deserve, not to be left in pain and at a loss! To make sure that doesn’t happen, book with us. It’s so easy! You can either contact us via our online booking system or give us a call. Either way works for us!

facts about dentistry

Some Pretty Crazy Facts About Teeth, Mouths, and The World of Dentistry

Teeth, mouths, and the world of dentistry, or as we like to call it, our life. This industry is quite a fascinating one, for sure. Today, as Bath dentists, we’re going to run you through some interesting tidbits about the industry, because — well because, why not? Perhaps you can use one of these a conversation starter next time you’re out and about!

The Human Tongue Is As Unique As The Human Fingertip

That’s right. Perhaps in a future not-so-far-away, there’ll be doors that are unlocked by tongue, which would either an obvious germ disaster — and a little disgusting — and quite impractical — actually, that’s a horrible idea. We hope it never comes to fruition. Still a very cool fact, though.

Bath dentist

Basic Taste Zones

There Are Five Taste Groups

Most only know of four basic tastes: sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness. But that’s perfectly understandable, these tastes are extremes and you certainly can have too much of them, which resultantly means people often use them as adjectives. ‘This soup is too salty’, ‘This cake is too sweet’ – you know the sort. However, did you know there’s a fifth? The lesser-known basic taste, Umami.

Umami is the savoury taste we often find in broths or stews. Perhaps commonly referenced to as ‘hearty’.

Implants Go 1400 Years Back

Back in 600 AD pieces of shell were hammered into Mayan women’s mouths and make to look like teeth. We considered adding this process to our services – you know, to pay tribute – but after a while it was decided against…

61% of Adults Are Attracted to Somebody by Their Smile Alone

This is a point we’ve explored in our previous articles, a lot. Smiles, quite simply, make everyone happier. It uses fewer muscles too. Smiles are a no-brainer. You want more people to be attracted to (who wouldn’t)? Come and see this Bath dentist.

Coconuts Are Naturally Antibacterial

Coconut not only tastes great, but they also helps the body in a whole range of ways. It’s good for your skin, your hair, and your mouth too! Consuming coconut reduces the risk of developing gum disease and cavities. Not bad, huh? We suggest you start feasting on them.

Bath Dentist , Art

American Gothic

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away, But The Dentists Come Running

Apples offer nutrition, of course, but how much is that nutrition worth? They actually make your three times more likely to get dental decay. So nice time to go to scare off the Doctor, beware one problem solved may lead to another Bath dentist.

The Star of American Gothic Wasn’t a Farmer, He Was a Dentist

Undeniably one of the most famous paintings out there, American Gothic was always condoned for its honesty, but in reality, it was awfully dishonest. The farmer who stars in the painting was, as said, a dentist!

The Hardest Part of Humans?

And no, we don’t mean the hardest point of being a human-like, say, getting up on Monday mornings or resisting another slither of that delicious birthday cake. We mean the hardest substance on the human body, which is tooth enamel. It has been said that tooth enamel is actually harder than steel, but it can break down easier.

Interesting, right? | Bath dentist

The world of teeth, mouths, and dentistry sure is an interesting one; there are hundreds more fascinating facts out there, we simply chose to talk about these ones. If you’d like to get in touch with us book an appointment, either give us a call or use our online booking form.

Our Greatest 2018 Tip (Psst, It’s HydraFacial Treatment)

Improving your skin can take time. However, for some, it can feel like a lost cause. You try moisturisers, toners, diets; the lot, yet you never quite get the results you want. You’re not alone, trust us.

Whilst it may feel like your fighting a losing battle, there are ways to get the skin that you so desire. Most notably; Hydrafacial treatment. Hydrafacial can rid you of blackheads, whiteheads, wrinkles, dry skin, lines, pores, uneven skin tone, redness, pigmentation, and even acne.

Bath Hydrafacial treatment

Well, what exactly is the Hydrafacial treatment? A question we strongly expect you to be asking right now, we’ve mentioned it a fair few times and haven’t once disclosed what it is! Here’s a video on how the process works:

Many of us don’t have the smile or skin we want. This, which you may not notice, impacts the way we conduct ourselves; it weakens our confidence. We’re not saying this treatment will change your life, we’re saying it’ll help you change your own life.

You’ll leave the treatment feeling fresh.

You’ll leave the treatment feeling youthful.

You’ll leave the treatment feeling energised.

Most importantly, you’ll leave the treatment feeling confident. Sometimes the best way to feel comfortable in your skin is to treat your skin itself.

Hydrafacial is Used By Many!

It’s a fact that four out of five teenagers will suffer from acne. Mostly women, but men too. So it comes as no surprise that it has taken the country by storm. Many celebrities swear by the treatment too. For example, global superstar Beyonce has claimed that she has the Hydrafacial treatment to thank for her god-like skin.

We simply want you to be as happy as you can be

Want to put yourself in the best position to make 2018 yours? A bath Hydrafacial treatment will serve you well with such a cause. We truly believe the award-winning treatment will have seminal effects on your life. Why don’t you come in a test the validity of our words? We’ll be shocked if you debunk them.

If Hydrafacial isn’t your need, we have other services that can help you make 2018 yours!

  • As spoken about before, we can you enjoy your smile on a whole new level with our Bath Invisalign service. Invisalign is a clear alternative to braces; it straightens your teeth, it’s transparent, and it’s removable.
  • We can, as we explored in our Christmas blog post, whiten your teeth. This will make you smile with confidence. Which oozes, in your smile and your attitude.

Widcombe Dental Practice – Bath Cosmetics

You’re going to have your best year yet. How do we know that? Well, reader, we know that because we know you’re going to book your Hydrafacial treatment. Here are our prices. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Bath Teeth Whitening

Bath Teeth Whitening This Christmas

During Christmas – a time of merriment, joy, and splendour – we all like to look our best. Most do this by buying new clothes, getting haircuts, and smiling at all times. As of course, we must look as joyous and merry as physically possible. So one must smile, there is no option.

We want all of Bath and the surrounding areas to look as good as possible this Christmas. One way to do that? Getting your teeth whitened. You don’t want that perpetual smile to make people look away do you? You want them to stare.

Whilst many of you are thinking, ‘I’ve never my teeth whitened, and I’m certainly not going to start now.’ That’s fair enough. We respect your decision. Our argument, however, is that you might not know what you’re missing out on.

Today, to illustrate what you are missing out on, we’re going to take you on a journey; we’re going to talk you through a potential 23rd December, with and without teeth whitened:

INT. Your Home. 8AM. Storyline #1 (unwhitened)

You wake up, brush your eyes. That was was a sore sleep; you weren’t feeling too good about yourself last night – ugly and hopeless, in your eyes anyway – so you had a few glasses of wine. It’s not even Friday, oh well: It’s Christmas. Regret it now, though. Couldn’t get a wink.

I can’t look that bad. You walk into your bathroom upon the faux premise of getting showered. It’s Christmas, usually you’d lounge till around 11AM. But today – today you had to get in that bathroom straight away. Why? You had to look at yourself. No kidding, last night you really didn’t feel too good about yourself. You walk into the bathroom. Last night was terrible. You look at the mirror, you smile. Last night was terrible.

INT. Your Home. 8AM. Storyline #2 (whitened)

It’s one of those mornings when sleep blends into awake in seamless fashion. Yeah, up until 5PM, yesterday wasn’t a good one. But you got home, you tried on your new Christmas dress, you dashed a smile at the mirror. Wow. You impressed yourself. You’re not usually the vain type, but this moment, to smile, and to — to, well, feel good. That was really something.

You thought ‘I like my smile. I better look good on all fronts. I’m going to the gym.’. So you did. An uneventful evening. But, now, the morning’s come. And it’s come gallantly. Oh how so kind of your morning, to greet me so softly. You go to the bathroom. Dash another one of those gems you cracked out last night… Wow. Bath Teeth Whitening

INT. Sister’s House. 2PM. Storyline #1 (unwhitened)

Today’s going ok. This morning was a slow one, not much to celebrate. But the festive tunes on the radio got you going. I love Radio 1 this time of year. Nick gets me. He really does. Oh, Nick.

Karen is so cheerful this time of year. Her little ones will be buzzing too. It should be nice. Yeah… should be nice.

Well, that wasn’t nice. Karen must be stressed. We just weren’t on the same wavelength today. But to be honest, I haven’t been myself today. Last night, this morning; I’ve just been feeling rubbish. I think she noticed that.

Shake it off.

I’ve got tonight.

INT. Sister’s House. 2PM. Storyline #2 (whitened)

Time for that grind! Haha. Grind? What am I talking about? It’s Christmas. Who grinds this close to Christmas? Santa, his reindeers, customer assistants…

Wonder how Karen’s doing today. Her little ones must be so excited! I’m just feeling so festive! Wonder what we’ll get up to?

Well. What a 2 hours. I’ve certainly earned a drink. Usually those whippersnappers get the best of me, but today, today I feel great. I feel ready – ready for anything.

INT. Home – Getting Ready For Work Party. 8PM. Storyline #1 (unwhitened)

You dash a smile. Ergh. Tonight’s going to drag.

INT. Home – Getting Ready For Work Party. 8PM. Storyline #2 (whitened)

You dash a smile. Tonight is going to be great.

Bath Teeth Whitening

Bath Teeth Whitening – Widcombe Dental Practice

Having the smile you want is much more than simply wanting to look good in photos. It isn’t vanity. The value of looking at yourself in the mirror and liking what you see has seminal effects. If you feel guilty or think people will judge if you say you get your teeth whitened – don’t. See it the same as yoga or a massage. It exists to make you feel more comfortable in your body.

Widcombe Dental Practice is based in Bath. We have a team expertly trained to deliver a multitude of services, one being Bath teeth whitening. If you’d like to book a session in fill out our online contact form or give us a call on 01225 317 681.

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mouth cancer action month 2017

Mouth Cancer Kills More Than Testicular Cancer

When we hear the phrase ‘cancer awareness’ our brains usually go to adverts reminding us to check our testicles and breasts. Whilst those two versions of cancer most certainly need awareness, there is a prevalent and lethal form of cancer which we regularly ignore. Why this happens is rather transparent, breast cancer and testicular cancer are both insulated with flawless marketing campaigns. For us, it feels rather sordid for people to risk death due to poor marketing, so we’re taking time today to highlight the importance of mouth cancer awareness.

Mouth cancer, arguably the least popular member of the cancer family, is also perhaps the meanest. But as said earlier, it isn’t the sadistic tendencies of these cancers that get them noticed, it’s the adverts. Which is a rather harrowing fact, but nonetheless expected in our advert-driven culture.

Today we’re listing the stats and facts of mouth cancer, the causes, and also showing a couple of posters which illustrate the symptoms and how to check for mouth cancer.

One in seven have mouth cancer

That’s right, one in seven. Stifling, isn’t it? On a football pitch, with people of all ages, per average, there should be three people suffering from mouth cancer. Which would make very bad colour commentary, but really does illustrate how omnipresent the disease is.

Someone is diagnosed with mouth cancer every 69 minutes

In that conceptual game of football, where 3 players are already suffering from mouth cancer – within the stats of this disease – it’s totally feasible to say that another player will be diagnosed in the 54th minute (taking 15 minutes away for halftime).

Whilst it would be the most unorthodox, harrowing football game in the history of time, it’s totally possible. Thus the need to take this form of cancer very seriously.

The rate of which diagnosis has increased in the last decade is ⅓

The disease is getting more coverage, and yet 21% of the population still state they aren’t aware of mouth cancer. Say this hypothetical football match took place at Manchester United’s Old Trafford and the game achieved Man United’s average attendance (75,290), 15,810 people wouldn’t have any knowledge about the on-pitch commotion.

These football hypotheticals may seem playful when they’re regarding a far-from-playful notion, but we’re simply utilising them to illustrate the starkness of this disease, and in turn, our ignorance of it.

Mouth cancer – in the UK – takes more lives than testicular and cervical cancer combined

As we said, sadistic. This form of cancer takes no prisoners, but this stat is perhaps only this high as the awareness of the cancer is so low. People don’t know how to check for it. People don’t know the causes. People don’t know the symptoms. People quite simply don’t know, and that is the biggest worry.


Mouth Cancer Month Mouth Cancer Month

There is a possibility of mouth cancer affecting everyone, but there are a few lifestyle choices which heighten your chance of infection. You are more likely to get mouth cancer if you:


  • Smoke: tobacco changes the countenance of saliva, resultantly making your mouth a stewing pot for mouth cancer. The cancer is implored to develop and grow due to the making of your cells cancerous.
  • Drink alcohol: more than a third of male cases are linked to excessive alcohol consumption. A fifth of female cases are related to the same issue. If you heavily drink and smoke, which unfortunately a large amount of our country do, you are 35 times more likely to get mouth cancer. 35!
  • Have contracted HPV: whilst HPV isn’t a lifestyle choice, the disease has a strong correlation with mouth cancer. Experts have suggested that HPV can rival smoking and drinking as a main
    cause. Stay protected.
  • Aren’t eating as well as you could: people who eat a healthy diet revolving around fruit and vegetables have significantly less chance of contracting mouth cancer. Eat well, be healthy. Simple.
  • Chew tobacco: there is a myth that chewing tobacco is healthier than smoking. This isn’t true. It, in fact, is much, much worse. Chewing tobacco is far from natural; it has been known to be made with slaked lime, flavourings, and sweeteners. This isn’t good for mouth cancer prevention.

Mouth cancer is only predicted to grow. Which – paired with all the aforementioned information – should be enough for us to take a stand against mouth cancer. We need to spread awareness of the disease and increase knowledge on how to check for it. You can make sure you’re safe with regular dental treatments.

At Widcombe Dental Practice we’re purely interested in the oral wellbeing of our customers. If our article today has nerved you in any way, come in for a check-up. We’ll soothe your qualms with a quick survey of your mouth. Contact us now to book your appointment (01225 317 681)


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invisalign treatment in bath

Bath Dental Clinic Offers Invisalign Treatment

Is your smile not how you want it to be? Have you spent years shying away from smiling at 100%? Particularly during pictures? It doesn’t have to be that way. In this day and age, we can fix almost anything we believe to be imperfect about ourselves – this includes our smile. But how? Well, how about invisalign treatment?

Invisalign are teeth-straightening aligners that can solve a multitude of issues, including an underbite, crossbite, and overcrowding of the mouth. With transparent fixtures, it’s almost impossible to see this magic at work, meaning that you can continue with your day to day life with no complex or worries..

A new, gleaming smile can afford you a wealth of confidence. As experts in dental care, we list a few places that this newly-formed confidence could take you:

A promotion?

You wake up in the morning, clean your teeth, and show off that 1000 kilowatt smile to you, yourself, and no one else. It fills you to the brim with confidence. You’re laughing more, speaking to an increasing amount of people, attacking work-related issues with bravado – all because of your new smile. There’s no denying that this could lead to a new promotion.

New Sparks

Perhaps you’re in the queue waiting for your morning coffee and listening to your favourite podcast, it makes you laugh – as it always does – resulting in you showing off those A-lister pearly whites. You catch an eye, or two. You spark up a conversation. You go on a date. No one knows what could come next.

A happier you

Not everything is Hollywood. This new smile doesn’t need to result in anything grand or life-altering. Perhaps all you want this smile to do is simply afford a happier you. And that’s what it will do. Make you happier.


Invisalign have revolutionized smiles around the world. People can now sort their smile, at any age, without fears of looking like the cliche nerd in an 80s teen drama – a very common fear when it comes to teeth straightening. And this is all possible to right here with our friendly team in Bath.

Bath Invisalign Treatment – Widcombe Dental Practice

At Widcombe Dental, our goal is to make you smile and for that smile to blow us away. Invisalign treatment is just one of our ways of doing this.

Book your treatment now.

What are the Primary Causes of Wrinkles and How Can You Minimise Them?

Woman inspecting her face in front of a mirrorWrinkles are a normal part of ageing. As we grow older fine lines appear on our forehead, at the corners of our eyes, on the edges of our mouth and even on our necks. Some people, however, get them earlier than others do. Men and women usually see the first signs of ageing at 35, but there are those who get fine lines at the age of 20.

Ageing may be inevitable but, according to dermatologist Robin Ashinoff, MD, today’s information and technologies on facial aesthetics allow patients to achieve more youthful-looking skin.

Primary Causes of Wrinkles

Here are some of the most common causes of premature wrinkle formation:

  • Lack of Moisture

Our skin carries natural moisture content that keeps our skin fresh and supple. Every day, we lose water from our skin when we perspire and when we forget to moisturise. When you suffer from extreme dryness, your skin will start to flake and form unwanted lines. Leaving your skin dehydrated will allow more wrinkles to form on the surface, causing you to age faster.

  • Harmful Sun Exposure

While a healthy dose of vitamin D is great for your body, prolonged exposure to the sun without protection from sunscreen may cause more harm than good. When UV rays penetrate into the surface of your skin, this causes damage and encourages the development of fine lines.

  • Your Genes

Sometimes, you’re born with it. Your family may have a long history of premature wrinkles; this may mean you are likely to contract the same condition as well.

  • Facial Muscle Contractions

We involuntarily make facial expressions when we speak to other people or when we laugh at jokes. These, however, may make wrinkles more prominent.

  • Smoking Cigarettes

More and more studies are confirming that smoking cigarettes does, indeed, speed up the ageing process of the skin. According to a study at the Twin Research Unit at St. Thomas Hospital in London, the sibling who smoked had thinner and more wrinkled skin than their non-smoker twin.

  • Not Enough Sleep

Depriving yourself of sleep has several negative effects on your health, and one of them is making your skin worse. When you don’t get the sleep that you need, your body releases an excess of a hormone called cortisol, one that is known to break down skin cells.

Treatments that Improve and Repair Your Skin Concerns

Widcombe Dental Practice understands the need to bring back youthfulness to your skin. Our treatments are designed to help our patients address those problems.

Botox is a popular treatment among celebrities. Facial aesthetics practitioners inject a special solution into the skin to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines while enhancing the appearance of your skin.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, is similar to Botox but is more focused on the cheeks rather than the eyes and laugh lines. Once a specialist applies the gel, the results are almost instant.

Widcombe Dental Practice is a private dentist in Bath that also specialises in facial aesthetics services. For more information about our services, browse through our website or call us now on 01225 807 732 to schedule an appointment.

What Happens if You Do Not Replace Your Tooth?

Man smiling front bottom part tooth missingThere are some people (but admittedly, not many) who think that a missing tooth is nothing to worry about. You have other teeth after all – beyond the obvious cosmetic issue, a single missing tooth usually should not bother people too much.

Unfortunately, a missing tooth does have a significant impact on your life. In the UK, over 27 million adults are missing at least one tooth. On average, many are missing at least four, with the majority of them in the older age group of 65 years and above.

The primary cause for tooth loss is periodontitis, though accidental tooth loss is common too.

Here is what happens if you do not replace a missing tooth:

You May Feel Less Confident

For many people, a missing tooth can greatly affect their self-esteem. They are more likely to avoid social situations. Others report that missing teeth have actually stopped them from finding a job or finding love.

One study shows that about 3% of people report feelings of depression because of missing teeth, with 15% of them saying that it makes them feel self-conscious.

Since your teeth are so central to your appearance, missing teeth can adversely affect how you carry yourself during your day-to-day life.

You May Experience Bone Loss

Another big problem is bone loss, which is also called bone resorption. During bone resorption, the area where the tooth used to be, starts to shrink and become thinner — this is because there is no tooth to signal to the body that the area is in need of calcium.

One of the reasons why bone loss is a problem is that it affects your other teeth as well. Reduced bone mass could affect the healthy teeth around you, leading to even more tooth loss.

It May Affect Your Nutrition

Missing teeth can also affect your ability to eat varied food. This is especially true if you are missing one of the molars, whose primary function is to help you chew your food.

Nutritionally dense food such as fruit and vegetables are often quite fibrous — you need your teeth to be able to chew them properly. Since chewing is a difficulty if you have missing teeth, you may end up eating less of these healthy, nutritious foods.

It May Reduce Your Ability to Speak

Missing teeth may also reduce your ability to speak clearly. Your teeth play a crucial role in being able to enunciate certain sounds. The letters ‘T’, ‘S’, and ‘V’ are just some of the letters that require the use of teeth to be able to pronounce them.

This is one of the main reasons why people who are not wearing their dentures have a difficult time speaking clearly.

Missing teeth, undoubtedly have a major effect on our lives — It is why we encourage people to get dental implants and to visit our Bath practice. An implant is currently the closest thing to having a real tooth and is a viable alternative to dentures.

If you want to learn more about dental implants, contact Widcombe Dental Practice today and set your appointment.