celebrate national dentist's day with our somerset dentists

Celebrate National Dentist’s Day with Your Somerset Dentists!

National Dentist’s Day, held on the 6th of March every year, is fast approaching! This is a significant day in the calendar of our Somerset dentists and indeed the dental industry as a whole. In our latest blog post, we provide information about National Dentist’s Day and share ways in which you can celebrate the occasion.

Why Celebrate the Day with Our Somerset Dentists?

Dentists all over the world devote their time and apply their medical knowledge to help patients stay on top of their oral health. With sound oral wellbeing being an integral part of overall health, the role dentists play is crucial to patients sustaining a healthy life. Our team of Somerset dentists are dedicated to helping you put your best smile forward, calming fears over visiting the dentist and, ultimately, keeping your mouth and teeth healthy in order for you to live a happy, healthy life.

These are some of the main reasons to celebrate the work of dentists on March 6th and, from all of the team here at Widcombe Dental Practice, we’d like to share an industry-wide message; keep up the good work dental professionals!

Participate with Our Dentists in Somerset

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There are several ways in which you can celebrate National Dentist’s Day, whether it is online, with friends and family or with our team of professional dentists in Somerset. Here are some of the ways that you could celebrate National Dentist’s Day this year:

  • Take a picture of your Somerset dentist or our Somerset dental practice when you are next in! Share it with the hashtag #NationalDentistsDay on the day. 
  • Tag us on Facebook, using @WidcombeDentalPractice and say something about #NationalDentistsDay.
  • Bring a touch of class to proceedings by writing your dentist a hand-written, personalised thank you note.
  • Sign up to one of our comprehensive Bath dental plans and gain greater organisation in your dental visits.
  • Commit to improved dental habits and reduce the work that your dentist needs to do at routine checkups. 
  • Schedule your next routine checkup at Widcombe Dental Practice. Make sure you are doing all the right things when it comes to your oral health by checking in with our dentists.
  • Show off your big, beautiful smile, which has come to fruition because of your impressive oral health regime and the work of our skilled dentists.
  • Leaves us a Google Review – We welcome any feedback on our practice environment, dental services and the overall patient experience. We would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to leave us a Google review!

How-to: simply enter Widcombe Dental Practice into Google and our Google My Business profile will appear. There will be a button down the right-hand side saying ‘Leave A Review’. 

Fun Dental Facts for National Dentist’s Day 2020

Did you know:

  • In 1866, Lucy Beaman Hoobs became the first licensed female dentist.
  • Although they are not used to identify a person in the strict sense of the word, your teeth are as unique as your fingerprints.
  • Sir Isaac Newton’s teeth are the most valuable out there today, having sold for around £2900 pounds in 1816. That is almost £27,500 in today’s money.
  • The hardest substance in the human body is tooth enamel.
  • The average human has 32 teeth.
  • What hand you write with usually determines which side you chew most of your food on!

Please feel free to get in touch with our Somerset dentists if you have any facts that you think should feature here.

woman at somerset dentists on national dentist's day

Your Leading Somerset Dental Practice 

National Dentist’s Day is not the only important industry date to note for the coming months. The month of April is Oral Health Month, therefore we will be celebrating oral wellbeing throughout. 

A stand out part of this celebration is National Dental Hygienists Week, which is celebrated annually April 4-10. We look ahead to providing you with more industry-related content around the time of Oral Health Month and Hygienists Week.

Contact us if you would like to wish our dentists in Somerset a very happy National Dentist’s Day! Alternatively, if you wish to book an appointment with our team, you can call us on 01225 317 681 or make use of our online booking system, by clicking on ‘Book Online Now’.

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