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When Should Your Baby First See Our Bath Dentists?

Data regarding children and their first trip to the dentist has been analysed by a group of scholars, leading us to pose the question, when should you bring your baby to see our Bath dentists for the first time? 

First time parents may be unaware of the right time to introduce their baby to the serene surroundings of our Widcombe dental practice, but studies suggest the vast majority of infants aren’t visiting a dental professional soon enough. Our family run dentists in Bath welcome children of all ages to our clinic as we understand that your child’s oral health is key to sustaining future wellbeing. 

During early general treatments and routine check ups, we can detect existing issues and devise a solution before the problem worsens and becomes more difficult to treat. 

The Issue with Child Attendance

The University of Birmingham has coincided with The University of Edinburgh and Public Health England to analyse a study on when babies first visit their dentist. The results suggest an inherent problem with attendance figures for babies aged one and two, with parents failing to meet recommended guidelines for routine checkups. 

The three parties have recently presented the findings and researchers involved in the process have expressed their shock at the extent of their findings. The data was taken from the 2016/17 NHS Dental Statistics Report for England

Oral Health and Reducing Anxiety

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Dr John Morris, who is a senior lecturer in dental public health at the University of Birmingham, contributed to the analysis of the report and has stressed the significance of early trips to a dentist. 

Talking of the impact of missing early check ups can have on the future of a child’s oral health and anxiety levels with regard to visiting the dentist, he said, as reported by Dental Nursing: “There is a broad consensus that children should have a dental examination from a dentist as soon as the first teeth erupt, and no later than the child’s first birthday. 

“Early dental visits not only provide parents with information they require to prevent early childhood oral health issues, but it is also believed that such dental visits familiarise children with the dental environment and reduce future dental anxiety.”

Vital Early Appointments Being Missed

Data taken from the report states that just 3% of babies under the age of one visited a dentist while only 12% of babies had visited a dentist by the time they reached the age of two. Even if we can’t carry out a complete observation of your babies mouth during an appointment at our Bath dental practice, we’ll be able to provide valuable advice on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout fundamental points in his or her oral development. 

No Link to Economics

The results show that babies in the first few years of their lives are not missing out on dental attention through economic circumstances, as stats reveal that those living in a number of less deprived areas visited dentists more than those in more affluent regions. For example, only 1% of babies under the age of one in West Berkshire, which is known to be one of the most affluent regions in England, attended a dentists. In comparison, 12.3% of babies under the age of one and living in South Tyneside attended a dentists over the same period.

Friendly, Experienced Somerset Dentists 

Ensure the early development of your babies oral health by visiting our clinic. Contact us of experienced industry leaders to arrange an appointment for your baby today. Book an appointment online today or contact us directly to speak to a member of our dedicated team. Our dental experts look forward to welcoming you and your baby to Widcombe Dental Practice very soon. 

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