Dental Implants for a Happier Life

How Our Bath Dental Implants Can Benefit You

Living with tooth loss affects quality of life in numerous ways as comfort, practicality, appearance and ultimately confidence could all potentially be compromised along the way. Treating tooth loss quickly and effectively is vital in preventing the deterioration of the jaw bone and other teeth, here we will analyse the benefits of resolving the issue with dental implants in Bath.

Restoring Appearance With Dental Implants

Once dental implants are fitted, it’s a tough task to determine whether someone has completely natural teeth or if they’ve had dental implant treatment. The prosthetic teeth align perfectly along the gum line, making real teeth and restored teeth indeterminable. To reinstate a full set of teeth is to give you complete confidence in your smile!

Natural Beyond Appearance

Natural Teeth with Dental Implants

Besides giving you the natural appearance of your original teeth, our Bath dental implants will also provide a robustness upon being fixed firmly in the jawbone. Acting in a similar way to a natural root, a dental implant will give the false tooth solidity, granting you knowledge that you can eat the foods that cause difficulty when living with tooth loss.

Someone suffering from tooth loss may also opt for implants to rediscover their natural speech, with those who have teeth missing at the front of their mouth more likely to notice a change in the way they talk. By filling in the gaps left by natural teeth, dental implants work to bring about your natural speech.

Structural Strength

The absence of a root beneath a tooth prevents the ossification, or strengthening, of the bone. If you are suffering with single or multiple tooth loss, you’ll want to consider dental implants in Somerset to prevent the loss of bone mass around the missing tooth(s). An implant aids in averting future bone loss and prompts new bone growth through osseointegration.

Derived from the Greek term for ‘bone’ and the Latin phrase for ‘to make whole’, osseointegration is the process that enables an artificial implant to become part of the jaw structure. In addition, the strengthening of the jaw also helps to preserve the structure of the entire face.

A Cost Effective Solution for Life

Dental implants are a leading solution to tooth loss because of the longevity associated with the treatment. Given the right care – and there really isn’t much to differentiate between the process of caring for your new prosthetic teeth to that of your natural teeth – dental implants can last a lifetime.  

Therefore implants are a highly cost effective solution to tooth loss, yet you have to remain on top of your oral hygiene. You should still brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss daily, visit our Bath dental clinic for regular general treatments, such as check ups, and take trips to see our experienced dental hygienists.

Are Dental Implants Suitable For Me?

Are you looking to solve your teeth and smile issues with dental implants Bath? If you’re looking for a trusted Bath dentist, a tranquil practice environment and a set of professionals with marvellous patient rapport, visit our team of experts today. Contact Widcombe Dental Practice to discuss the dental implant process and to arrange a consultation with one of our friendly dentists.

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