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Our Somerset Dentists Welcome National Smile Month!

There has not been much to smile about in recent months, with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping large parts of the world and self isolation becoming the reality for us all. However, with National Smile Month fast approaching, our Somerset dentists are set to welcome it in with a big smile!

The Somerset Dentists Giving You Reasons to Smile 

At Widcombe Dental Practice, we make it our mission to make our patients smile – whether it is providing you with a pleasant dental experience or through the dentistry work that makes your smile so beautiful. Most recently, our dentists in Somerset have been keeping spirits high among patients aged 70+ and the most vulnerable by checking in over the phone during the coronavirus outbreak. Ensuring that our patients have access to essential food and medical supplies has been our top priority for us at Widcombe Dental Practice. 


We have also set out to restore smiles and provide a solution to dental emergencies by offering patients free filling materials and crown cement, which can be collected via the new window hatch at our Somerset dental clinic. You can learn more about this via our recent article, Support From Your Bath Dentist During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

About National Smile Month 

National Smile Month, celebrated annually from May 18th to June 18th, is almost here! So, what is National Smile Month all about? Here are some intriguing facts and information about the month that we love to celebrate at Widcombe Dental Practice:

  • Firstly, National Smile Month is the biggest and longest standing oral wellbeing campaign, having first been celebrated in 1977! 
  • At its inception, it was known as ‘Smile 77’. 
  • It was inspired by a poem titled ‘I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth’, created by Pam Ayres.
  • The main goal of National Smile Month is to encourage mental and physical wellbeing by advocating good oral health. 
  • There are three staple tasks that our dentists in Somerset cite as the key to good oral health throughout National Smile Month; brushing and flossing regularly, cutting back on sugary foods and visiting your dentists regularly for check-ups.
  • There are thousands of physical or online events that take place every National Smile Month. Events that help spread positive messages about oral health and its importance.

For further information on National Smile Month, visit the dedicated National Smile Month website.

Dentistry Treatments to Enhance Your Smile

There are several dental treatments that can enhance the appearance of your smile. In fact, no single cosmetic dentistry treatment may be required at all if you visit your Somerset dentists on a regular basis for general dentistry treatments, such as routine check-ups. If you are looking for that extra bit of sparkle in your smile, there are several cosmetic treatments in Somerset, offered by our professional dentists. These include:

Invisalign aligners on teeth

  • Invisalign Treatment – A unique and revolutionary way of achieving perfect straight teeth and, with that, the dream smile! Our Invisalign treatment in Bath is non-invasive and enables you to eat and drink what you like throughout the course, in complete comfort. Our team of Invisalign dentists are able to map out your Invisalign journey at a free, initial smile consultation. 
  • Bath Teeth Whitening – Our GDC-registered Somerset dentists can provide you with Boutique Teeth Whitening, a treatment that is proven to yield lasting and natural results. 
  • Dental Hygienists – Sometimes, all your teeth require is a deep clean and a good polishing. That’s exactly what our Bath dental hygienists can provide during either an hour or half an hour appointment.
  • Dental Veneers – A superb, long lasting and simple dental treatment. Dental veneers simply slot into your existing teeth and give a flawless finish, presenting you with the perfect smile.

Celebrate National Smile Month with Widcombe Dental Practice

Sure, it is a strange time right now. Self isolation and social distancing does mean, however, that we are spending more time online and on social media. We would love to hear from you this National Smile Month, whether it’s through social media or by any other means of communication. 

Head to the Widcombe Dental Practice Facebook page and show us your unique smile by commenting on one of our National Smile Month posts, or by tagging us in your post. Our handle can be found via the Facebook link provided in this article.

If you would like to get in touch with us in relation to National Smile Month, booking or rescheduling an appointment, or coronavirus support, please find our details on the contact us page. Our Somerset dentists would love to hear from you!

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