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How Do I Clean My Invisalign Aligners? The Do’s & Don’ts

We’re often quizzed by Invisalign patients at the start of their journey as to the precautions they should take and the best methods for keeping their Invisalign aligners clean. If you follow our do’s and don’ts guide to cleaning your Invisalign aligners, your trays will remain as sparkling as your teeth will look following the completion of your treatment. 

Keeping Invisalign Aligners Clean – The Do’s

As a non-invasive procedure that brings patients extremely quick and outstanding results, our Invisalign treatment in Bath is the leading alternative to traditional wire braces. Once our patients have committed to the treatment, following a clear projection of the results via our free smile consultation, there are three things that we encourage them to do. These three things will ensure that your Invisalign braces remain in top condition:

Do – Clean Your Trays Daily

It is important to give your Invisalign braces a thorough clean every morning, to prevent the build-up of bacteria over time. Bacteria can grow on your aligners over night, so washing them properly each morning should be part of your daily routine. In addition to this, you will want to give your aligners a rinse each time you take them out. Doing so will discourage an inviting environment for bacteria to build up while guarding against the accumulation of dry saliva and plaque.

If possible, it is important to look after your aligners in this way, even when you are not at home.

Do – Soak your Invisalign Braces Each Day

Carrying out this ‘do’ daily is the best way of ensuring that your aligners are fully clean and that your mouth is protected against germs. Soaking your aligners in Invisalign cleaning crystals or denture cleaner – following the first step – will give you peace of mind that you have taken care of your oral health as far as your aligners are concerned. The official Invisalign accessories package, which included the Invisalign crystals, is the ideal option. 

Do – Plan Ahead When It Comes To Next Set of Invisalign Aligners

This is applicable to those who plan of travelling or going away for an extended period of time. We don’t want there to be delays in your Invisalign treatment and not progressing onto the next set of Invisalign aligners when you should can cause setbacks. It’s also an idea to take your former aligners with you as a backup – in case you lose your current stage aligners whilst away. If you know you are going to be out of the area for a while, speak to our friendly team, so that you have your next stage aligners at the ready. 

Avoiding Mishaps with Your Invisalign Aligners – The Don’ts 


Invisalign treatment

There are three things that you should be aware of with your aligners. As we tell all patients who undergo Invisalign treatment in Bath, avoid doing the following:

Don’t – Eat or Drink with the Aligners in

The only thing that we permit to pass your lips whilst your aligners are in is water! Invisalign aligners are not designed for you to chew food with and can easily get damaged if you attempt eating with them in. Food can get stuck in between your teeth when you try eating with your aligners in while both food and drink are likely to stain the clear aligners.

Don’t – Expose Your Clear Aligners to Open Air

Exposing your clear aligners to open air will all bacteria to build up and, in general, will mean that you are more likely to lose them some place! They may also be in harm’s way if left out in the open somewhere, especially in certain kinds of environments. You don’t want to be paying for replacement aligners when damage can be avoided so easily. If your aligners are exposed to the open air, clean them before putting them in. 

Don’t – Use Toothpaste to Clean Them

This ‘don’t’ comes as a surprise to some of our patients. However, despite toothpaste being the best medicine for your teeth, it can cause issues if applied to your aligners on a regular basis. Issues such as discolouration and general damage. Toothpaste can also lead to a lustre forming on your aligners, which will make them more noticeable as it develops. Therefore toothpaste is to be avoided if you want your cover to remain intact.

Invisalign Treatment in Bath – Widcombe Dental Practice

Contact us to learn more about aligners and our Invisalign treatment in Bath altogether. Our team of established and knowledgeable cosmetic dentists will answer any questions you may have relating to this, or any of the other treatments we provide. We are proud members of the MiSmile network have provided many happy patients with a smile that they now love.

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